Total Link 3PL is a customer and quality driven service organization. To help ensure we meet our internal goals as well as servce and quality commitments to customers, Total Link 3PL is committed to a culture of quality and teamwork.   

Trust and Teamwork

We commit to building trust and teamwork with our clients and employees alike. We will not only meet their needs, we will strive to exceed their expectations.

Culture of Quality

Our aim to continually improve the work product and services we provide to meet our client’s requirements and to produce finished work and services that we can justifiably be proud of. Only by providing an outstanding service and product quality will we achieve our aims of long term success and sustained quality improvements.

Our Mission:

We believe that our long-term success can only be achieved by fully satisfying and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Therefore, the quality of our products, the timeliness and dependability of our delivery and service is our top priority.

It is therefore our commitment to produce and supply to our customers, the highest quality in our services and products in the industry without defects. We strive to be faster than our competitors and to deliver at competitive prices.

To accomplish these goals, we maintain a quality system modeled after the ISO-9001 standard. In addition, we work continuously to improve quality in our products and service through appropriate quality-enhancing techniques until the level of customer satisfaction described is attained.


Passion and commitment to outstanding customer service is how we are set apart from the competition.

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